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At Mana Candela we are using the ApnaComplex software from September 2016. The software helps our association to keep track of accounts, maintenance and billing with a breeze. Duh!!!

The impressive part is not the accounting or the fancy GUI but a feature called "Collection Gateway". The collection gateway allows residents to pay their maintenance fee via NEFT to a unique virtual bank account which is linked to their respective ApnaComplex ID. Unlike online payment via credit/debit card/net banking, it is better and cost effective way to collect maintenance/advance charges from members. Just a simple NEFT transaction and voila all your charges get reconciled at the back end automatically. The resident even don't have to login.

We highly recommend ApnaComplex for this unique feature.


Your (ApnaComplex) upload facility is really good, I was able to do it on my own just by following instructions. Also the pre-validations built in system made sure no incorrect data was accepted.

Please pass on my appreciation to your development team. Being a product owner in telecom product company I understand the effort to make bug free product. Great job !!!

Soham Dalvi
Blue Ridge Unit-B CHS,
Hinjawadi, Pune

ApnaComplex is a single integrated ERP system featured with multi task functions.

The software works at good speed and provide all the reports in minutes. It is a strong software supporting our largest gated community and doesn't require expertise in handling and getting the required MIS.

After introduction of this software substantially time and man power cost has reduced. We never had any discrepancy in our accounting. Absolutely trouble free, secured and perfect. In nut shell, ApnaComplex is a poor man's SAP.

Hon. Treasurer
Abode Valley Owners Association.

Having used other Apartment Management software I can vouch that ApnaComplex is India's No 1 Apartment management Software. The accounting module does not permit the Accountant to manipulate the accounts without the appropriate permissions being given. Details of every individual making an entry is logged. The ease of use and automation of the system cuts the accounting costs by 50%. The various reports that can be generated with the click of a mouse has been appreciated by the not so tech savy members. Members can check their payments online without having to contact the RWA office.

Other than Accounting, every other feature that you can conceivably think of for communication, facilities management and other aspects of society management, have already been incorporated in ApnaComplex.  I stand by every word the company has stated in their "Details of Features and Benefits" pages.

Last but not the least, their exemplary support makes life so much easier.

Major Ramesh Ramachandran, Joint Treasurer
Vasanth Vihar AWHO
Yelahanka, Bangalore

We are thankful to the complete ApnaComplex Team for providing a better and stable platform. We are using ApnaComplex from past 3 years and found it most perfect match for our requirements, mainly in Society Accounting. Features like bulk invoice and clarity in receipts benefited to keep all members satisfactory in terms of their contributions and on demand reports, imports with various filters helped committee to record correct income by members, non-members and overall expenditure. Monthly Defaulters are reduced due to clarity and repeating payment reminders via emails and SMS. ApnaComplex also helped us to do yearly auditing based on data from Report section.
Talking about team, they are superb support who helped starting from perfect demo to till date if any urgent issues we faced.

Aashray Co-operative Housing Society Ltd.,
Wakad, Pune

Implementing ApnaComplex solution completely changed the chaotic working of our RWA to an orderly and refined service. Our members were delighted by the transparency in billing system, Online account access, Social Networking and fantastic reminder system thru Email and SMS updates.

Due to ApnaComplex, Collections have phenomenally improved and rarely one has to visit the RWA Accounts office now to resolve issues. ApnaComplex Customer Support is brilliant and proactive.

Highly recommended for new RWAs.

Pradeep T, Ex-Treasurer,
Mahindra Chloris Welfare Association
Sector-19, Faridabad

Kudos to ApnaComplex team for listening even without words being spelt and implementing the features.

Survey feature would prove as a fantastic tool and empower the committee in taking up sensitive matters to arrive at an effective solution to complex issues.

Yet another feather. Thank you team.

President - Yamuna Apartments, Delhi

Dear ApnaComplex Team,

Suncity Apartment Owners Association (SAOA) wishes a very happy Independence Day to entire ApnaComplex team.

SAOA implemented ApnaComplex exactly 1 year back. Looking back in this one year we achieved:

  1. Rollout to entire Suncity (1200+ Apartments)
  2. Managing 10,000+ resident issues through ApnaComplex
  3. More than 55% payments today happening online i.e reduced effort
  4. Quicker collection cycle, less defaulters
  5. Got rid of thousands of Excel and Tally. Complete finance is driven by ApnaComplex.
  6. Clarity on individual resident account and collection of long pending dues
  7. Streamlined vendor payments
  8. Tracking of staff attendance using bio metric module.
  9. Availability of information anytime/anywhere.

Specifically, we would like to mention flexibility that ApnaComplex has shown when it came towards a specific requirement of Suncity or enhancement or support. We consider ApnaComplex as our IT partner and looking forward for many more years of fruitful association. As we mature, we would like ApnaComplex to consider and implement some new scenarios where we can act as SME to take this partnership to a new high.

A big "Thank You" to the entire team. - Sanjay Kr Datta - SAOA IT Enablement Team

Dear ApnaComplex Team,

I was required to use ApnaComplex portal as a part of our estate management at Chartered Beverely Hills residential estate in Bangalore.

I am not at all IT savvy and more over live in Singapore and was quite apprehensive of using the ApnaComplex portal.

But the IT support team of ApnaComplex who handle many customers ( I presume all over India) were superb and guided me patiently, even beyond the call of their duty. It'll be a pleasure to work with such teams to enable optimal use of IT systems .

Leading Banks can learn a lot from ApnaComplex IT Support Team.

My hearty compliments to the Team and their company. Regards, N C Raghava, Member of Chartered Beverly Hills

At Fern Saroj, we adopted ApnaComplex in August 2013.I am happy to say that within 2 months period we migrated our current fiscal accounts to the portal.

It has drastically improved our communication with residents on money matters and has also substantially improved realization of timely maintenance payment and recovery of past dues.

This was possible due to very easy access to accounting records. Paper work is now literally zero.

Must also add, that the support from ApnaComplex has been excellent with first human response always coming in within 15 minutes. Way to go ! -- Pankaj Lal, Committee Member, Fern Sarij Apartments

We have been using ApnaComplex for about 7 months now and we are very happy with service and the product. We did extensive research before deciding to use ApnaComplex and we have never regretted our decision. We are a smaller community that is entirely run by volunteers. Using ApnaComplex has helped us streamline our communications, consolidate our materials and improve our management of the community. There are two features in particular that have been very beneficial to us: community SMS and the payment portal.

We use community SMSs to give warnings about disruptions in services as well as to inform people about upcoming meetings and events. This has been a huge help as people now feel they get timely updates on important information.

The use of the payment portal has allowed us to greatly reduce the number of hours we used to spend going door to door to collect payments from individual owners. It has also facilitated timely payments from owners who do not live in the city or even in the country.

Finally, we would like to mention that the support we have received from ApnaComplex has been tremendous. Every time we have a question or a suggestion it is taken up in a very effective manner.

We are very pleased with ApnaComplex and look forward to utilizing even more features to further improve our community! -- Cammie Vallepalli, Committee Member, Adarsh Vista Villa Owners Association

We at Rustique have been using ApnaComplex for a while now, it is definitely the best portal based on our evaluations with other similar portals.

ApnaComplex helps in managing various day to day activities of a typical association. The accounting module is the best and robust one, it is very simple to use, this helped us in not only in managing the accounting but also made things transparent.

The support provided by ApnaComplex team is always lighting fast. We are very happy with our over all experience with ApnaComplex.

ApnaComplex is really an efficient tool for Association management activities and effective communication, and it really makes life easy for all the management committee Members in all areas including treasury management.

The Ferns Habitat Portal built on ApnaComplex really changed the environment in a very positive manner and created credibility among the members about treasury and all the Association related areas.

It has helped in bringing in transparency effectively in whatever the Association do. Many members who were detached from the community were brought back on board in the system and we see many smiling faces around.

The society environment has improved drastically and there is no match to the feature rich experience we have with this amazing software suite. You think of a feature and let them know, to your surprise, you will get a reply that either they are doing a beta testing or the feature is under development. Man, these guys are so close to the customers and market.

I think I enjoyed my tenure as a Gen.Secretary largely by bringing this software into practice in Ferns Habitat and making it as the backbone of the community today. Long Live ApnaComplex !!

ApnaComplex is an easy to use and intuitive software where maintaining the data is quite easy. The application has been up since the time we have engaged with it and I don't remember any downtime since last 6 months. The support team at ApnaComplex is fantastic and their turnaround has been really fast. Not only they support the software but they also help out in other issues that association faces. Kudos to the team. --Gaurav Agarwal, Committee Member

Mr. Amish Shah, Treasurer of SJR Spencer has following to say after a year long usage of ApnaComplex

I am glad to use ApnaComplex. The best apartment management software and the best customer service. SJR Spencer is proud to be associated with ApnaComplex. - Amish Shah

Some of the key factors that went in favour of ApnaComplex were the ease of operating the portal, the quality of thought that has gone into designing the portal, the clarity & level of commitment of the ApnaComplex team in ensuring continuous updation and modernisation of the portal taking into account individual customisation requirements.
The portal is quite comprehensive for managing the day to day running of an Apartment Complex at a reasonable cost. The on-boarding is fast and our experience in setting up the database for our complex was very smooth and easy. We wish ApnaComplex all the luck in expanding their base.

Thank you Mr. Kannan Viswanathan and Mr. N.K. Balasubramanian of SAAAOA for the nice words

To keep track of expenses and income, we wanted an online Accounting System that could be accessed and monitored remotely by the Treasurer and any Office Bearer of the Managing Committee. ApnaComplex makes it possible. At any time it is possible to ensure that all transactions are up-to-date. We can generate reports that can help control expenses. Any member can get information on bills raised and payments made. The system is user friendly and does not call for the services of an accountant.

The portal is also rich in other features that can be used by all members. In short, ApnaComplex is very well suited for most housing societies. The license fee is reasonable in the context of the benefits that can be realized by its use. I wish ApnaComplex success in their endeavour to promote their application.

Thank you Mr. Padmanabhan. We are glad we are of help to make life of senior citizens in your society a little less hassle free.

SJR Spencer has chosen ApnaComplex portal for the better management of entire community of residents. ApnaComplex was chosen after good amount of due diligence with different software vendors. The prime reasons for selecting ApnaComplex are:
The personal commitment & support provided by the ApnaComplex team
Easy User Interface
Easy adaptability by Support team to include required features based on our own requirements
Cost - definitely was one of the major factor in our decision making

We are really looking forward to very healthy relationship with ApnaComplex in future and would certainly like to see that community of residents benefits a lot from this association

Thank you Mr. Amish for your words and look forward to serve SJR Spencer-ites. 

First of all, what I felt with ApnaComplex is the terrific support provided to us as starter. Their prompt and consistent mails helped us a lot to implement the system without wasting time.

Regarding the functionality, I swear that ApnaComplex has incorporated all the requirements of the day to day management of apartment complexes. Some of the functions which attracted me more are the discussion forum, notice board, facility booking etc. which will be very helpful especially for owners staying outside the country and those who are not much organized with emails.

About accounts section the main attraction is that one need not to be an accountant to use ApnaComplex and handle accounts. It's just simple as that!

Our association is leveraging ApnaComplex as tool to get organized, apply systemic approach to manage our finance, engage with community members and mitigate legal risk. ApnaComplex offers impressive set of functionality and reports that meets most of our needs. -- Ram Bhagawat, President

Gone are the days of Maintaining Excel sheets and reconciling the same for Expenses made … Gone are the Days of having a home grown solution that crashes or have sleepless nights thinking about a Hard Disk crashes… ApnaComplex has really revolutionized facility maintenance all the way from collecting Maintenance to spending it. We at ITTINA ABBY are so happy and yesterday also a resident was saying how easy it is to use it and they never have to come to the Treasurer’s office for anything.

Great Team who is always ready to hear our problems and offer a solution even if it means more work for them. Always there to correct mistakes made by our Facility Manager, Support is so important for a System like this and the Team at ApnaComplex have understood that very well.

Kudos to the team and hope to see them enhance this more as we roll into 2012. — Ganesh, Treasurer ITTINA ABBY LBS Nagar Vimanapura PO”

ApnaComplex Delivers what it Promises.We were on the lookout for an accounting software for our society for quite some time. We zeroed in on ApnaComplex as the site is well designed and featured all the things one looks for in a good software AND offered a no-obligation one month free trial.The best part is that ApnaComplex delivers what it promises. And as new features are being added the whole experience becomes richer.

We at Mayuresh Park Committee were looking for centralized and cost effective software as service based solution to manage our society. After evaluating ApnaComplex for one month, we found that the application really helping us a lot to manage almost all our requirements effieciently and in productive manner. Managing Invoices, Payments, Expenditure, MOM's etc. has made our committee members life easy. Also it brings trasperency to the operations due to which I hope all our resident members will be happy.

Thank you Mr. Shailenra and we hope to make a difference in lives of your society members!

It has brought us great amount of transparency, centralized, efficient way of managing the activities for the complex. ApnaCompelx provides easy to use interface to manage finances, keep track of assets/maintain them, manage committees, meetings, notices and share information in a timely way. I see ApnaComplex support team striving to add features weekly, provide great support with prompt actions on raised questions and most importantly send useful updates weekly to the users for managing activities in an efficient way. For the price, ApnaComplex provides value that is unbeatable!!. Thank you Mr. Tagore! You made our festival day extra special! 

The three best things that we have found with ApnaComplex are:
Pricing : Is reasonable for the features provided compared to other counterparts.
Service : Is marvelous and with very low response time.
Features: Rich and impressive set of features. --Sivaram G, Treasurer, DMOA

Dear Team,
I just experienced the photo album feature and it is just AMAZING!!
To be honest, I never expected the album viewing this fast. Absolutely brilliant!!
Thanks once again in considering this feature request from us and implementing it superbly. Way to go man!

Thanks and regards
Praveen, General Secretary, Ferns Habitat Plot Owners Association

As an apartment community, we needed various tools for effective functioning. This included communication tools, accounting tools, issue filing systems and a whole lot of other systems. Initially our apartment complex was setup on another apartment management software, but we had serious issues in maintaining accounting information.

Over time, this became really cumbersome as multiple accounts were being maintained in excel and other systems. We wanted one system which could handle all the accounting and also circulate information to all members. ApnaComplex had a unique feature in that we found it to be the only apartment management system which supported double entry accounting.

While we are still setting up our accounts, we envisage it now becoming like bank accounts with detailed statements, receipts, transaction history and all sensitive information under one roof. All this seems to come at a very reasonable price making it a really worthy investment. We hope using this tool, the whole management experience would become very professional rivaling corporate setups. -- Rajiv Babu, TTAOA Committee

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