Helpdesk Software Features

Central tracking of Complaints, Suggestions and Requests


Central tracking of Complaints, Suggestions and Requests

  • Members can raise Requests, file Complaints, give Suggestions to the managing committee or estate management office
  • Members can raise, track and close complaints related to their flats (personal complaints) or common areas (community complaints)
  • Complaints can be logged by a central Helpdesk on behalf of the members
  • Excellent flexibility in terms of settings to enable/disable community complaints logging, visibility, email/SMS notifications on complaints
  • A separate Complaint Box Dashboard for Admins / Facility Manager to give quick snap shot of all complaints and related activity in recent past
  • Members can see the progress or add more comments to the complaint/suggestion
  • Administrators can create multiple categories and assign owners for each category of complaints
  • For personal complaints, Administrators or complaint owners can add notes to the complaint to record the progress, change ownership, change the status
  • For community complaints, any member can add notes to the complaint, and Administrators can re-assign or change the status
  • Updates on the complaint shall be sent via email to the originators and Administrators for Personal Complaints, Suggestions, Requests
  • Once a complaint is closed, members can provide rating on the quality of service (on a scale of 1-7) and indicate their satisfaction levels of the resolution
    • Helps to take a quick pulse of the services being provided by maintenance staff
    • Complaints can be re-opened by members if the resolution is not satisfactory
  • Administrator can see open, in-progress, closed and cancelled complaints/suggestions and do filtering on category, owner, raised on, last updated on, personal or community fields
  • Perform analysis on the complaints/suggestions raised, as a way to take proactive measures and reduce maintenance costs


New Complaint


Complaint SLA

Configure SLAs and Escalation Paths for Auto-Escalation

Manage your facility with high degree of professionalism

  • Define Business Hours for each complaint category. For example,
    • Gardening staff works from 9AM to 5PM - Five days a week
    • Security works round the clock - 7 days a week
  • Define Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for each complaint category in terms of business hours to resolve
  • Create escalation matrix upto 3 levels for each category of complaint
  • Unresolved Complaints get auto-escalated via Email and SMS to 2nd and 3rd level owners as per the SLAs defined
  • Escalations happen based on business hours setup - for example, a gardening complaint will not be escalated in the middle of night
  • Configure "CC" lists for every complaint category at every level to notify additional people
  • Send SMS to the maintenance staff upon creation of a complaint or when re-assigning complaints

Request Box

Streamline issuing No Objection Certificates, Address Proofs etc. to Housing Society Members

  • Members or office staff can request for No Objection Certificates, No Dues Certificates, Address Proof Letters, Move Out Letters etc.
  • Configure work flow approver lists for each type of request
  • Configure the checklists that needs to be filled by approvers to issue certificate
  • Create your own templates with mail merge capabilities that gets automatically filled and mailed to the member upon approval of the request.
  • Significantly reduce your society office administration efforts


Request Box