GST Compliant Society Accounting Software Features

Who said Society Treasurers need to know Accounting?

Society Billing and Accounting

ApnaComplex offers a comprehensive billing and accounting package that is specifically designed for Housing Societies. When using ApnaComplex Software for society accounting, Housing Societies do not need other accounting software such as Tally to maintain their accounts. Treasurers can easily maintain accounts on their own or delegate the book-keeping to accountants with the help of powerful role based access control. In both cases, the amount of time required for book-keeping is drastically reduced due to the automation and bulk upload features of several key Treasurer Activities and auto-reconciliation with bank accounts - thereby giving huge savings to Housing Societies.

In case you do not want to disturb your existing accounting processes, you can still use ApnaComplex to 100% automate your Billing and Collection. Tools such as Income Tracking, Penalty Calculation, Reminders, Metered Utilities and Payment Gateway offer significant effort reduction without disturbing your current accounting practices.


Say Good bye to Suspense Entries and NEFT Reconciliation

  • Members can just transfer funds via NEFT as always from their Bank Account
  • ApnaComplex automatically detects the transfer, records the payment against the flat, issues a receipt and make other accounting entries
  • Neither Member nor Treasurer need not even login into ApnaComplex to record the payment or issue the receipt
  • Zero intervention is required by the treasurer to reconcile NEFT transactions as every transfer is auto-reconciled
  • First of its kind of solution in the country
  • *Please refer ApnaComplex Pricing section for commercials involved. Request for more details.


ApnaComplex Collection Gateway


Payment Gateway


Pay Maintenance Bills from your Society online and reduce reconcilation efforts

  • Fully legally compliant Payment Gateway that Societies can trust.
  • Payment Gateway uses sophisticated tools for Risk Management and Fraud detection to ensure your transactions are safe and secure
  • Proven Technology Stack: The complete technology stack that processes your funds is used by thousands and thousands of merchants daily (including some of the leading e-commerce sites in India) and is owned by an organization which provides payment gateway functionality
  • Members have the ability to make a payment online that would be directly credited to the Society's Bank Account
  • Payments can be made via Credit Card / Debit Card or Net banking
  • A receipt would be instantly issued to the member
  • A Payment Made notification will be sent to the treasurer as per the need
  • *Please refer ApnaComplex Pricing section for commercials involved. Request for more details.


The COMPLETE Accounting Software for Housing Societies and Apartment Complexes

  • Supports complete accounting functionality - from defining chart of accounts to generation of final balance sheet
  • Uses double-entry accounting (accrual based accounting) behind the scenes
  • Society's Accountant/Auditor can login remotely, validate the accounts, do adjustments and generate final balance sheet - No more need to export data into excel sheets, import data into other accounting software such as Tally etc
  • Treasurers, Auditors/Accountants can create Chart of Accounts to configure Assets, Liabilities, Revenue and Expense Account Heads
  • Provides individual sub-ledgers for all Units (Flats/Villas) and Vendors
  • Supports grouping of various accounts under same accounting head
  • Supports advanced functionality such as Adjustments (Journal Entries) to credit/debit to relevant Account Heads and Sub-ledgers
  • Adjustments can be used to capture opening balances, making provisions for taxes to be paid, record asset depreciation etc
  • View Trial Balance and account statement of all accounts under Chart of Accounts for any given date range
  • View flat-wise account statements and vendor-wise account statements
  • View Sundry Debtors Report and Sundry Creditors Report as on any given date




Member Income
Member Payments


Treasurers can now relax - Track maintenance charges, other member income and non-member income easily!

  • Raise invoices against all flats or select flats based on area or based on a fixed amount or a combination of both
  • Setup Recurring Invoices to automatically post invoices on a given date
  • Invoices can be raised under several heads such as Move in/out, Maintenance Charges, Late payment etc
  • Raise Credit Notes on Members to waive-off / give discounts
  • Bulk upload Charges and Payments via Excel as needed
  • Members receive email and SMS whenever an invoice is raised against their unit
  • Single Payment can be made against multiple invoices across flats, payment can be distributed against unpaid invoices
  • Advance payments and/or partial payments can be easily recorded and tracked against any flat
  • Track Non-member income such as stall rentals, bank interest paid etc under separate heads
  • Multiple Charges can be combined into one invoice and then raised
  • Members can update the payments made by them in the system OR treasurer can update the payments on members behalf
  • Treasurer can approve a payment or reject a payment entered by the members
  • Payments approved will result in receipt being emailed to the member and SMS being sent as a confirmation along with the new outstanding balance
  • Receipts can be configured to have the association logo to make them look more professional
  • Treasurer can revert a verified payment if required to take care of check bounce cases - the same will automatically reflect on the member's statement and the invoice will be marked as unpaid
  • Members can view/download receipts for all past payments online at anytime
  • Each member has access to "My Statement" - contains all charges and all payments against the flats the member belongs to
  • Consolidated "My Statement" across multiple flats if the member has multiple flats
  • Payment approval is integrated with the Bank and Cash Accounts - all payments will automatically reflect in the bank and petty cash statements with all relevant details of the payment such as payee's unit number, check #, bank name, date of payment etc
  • Query and filter defaulters based on the amount due, flats, aging
  • Select and send email/SMS reminders to defaulters on the payments to be made


Plan the budget and provide transparency to society expenses

  • Plan your spends by allocating budget amounts under various heads
  • Enter Bills provided by Vendors, Track payments made against each bill, along with service tax paid and TDS deducted
  • Segregate expenses between Capital Expenditure versus Maintenance Expenses
  • Record and track ad-hoc expenses of the apartment association under various heads
  • Record fields such as expense description, expense date, payment mode, to whom was it paid etc.
  • Uploaded Expenses in an excel format
  • Get Budget Variance Reports to monitor if the spending is as per plan
  • Integrated with Bank & Cash accounts - expenses seamlessly reflect in the bank or cash account statements - reconcile with ease
  • Query and view expense statements for any month or multiple months
  • Download the expense statements in excel or print the expense reports directly
  • Treasurer can publish expense statements to notice board and to owners at the click of a button
  • Sophisticated interface to slice-and-dice expenses, download and/or print reports




Bank Account


Track Bank Account & Petty Cash Balances, reconcile every transaction effortlessly.

  • Create and configure Bank Accounts and Petty Cash accounts of apartment association - track savings, current, fixed deposits, and petty cash accounts
  • Track all member income, non-member income and expenses against the bank and cash accounts
  • Transfer funds between accounts - record cash deposits, petty cash withdrawals, transfer to fixed deposits etc.
  • Query and view bank account and petty cash transactions for any period
  • Filter bank and cash trasnsactions on flat numbers, cheque numbers, payee bank names, online transfer dates to easily reconcile
  • Know the bank balances and cash positions at the click of a button
  • Auto-Reconcile accounts with the actual bank statements effortlessly and record reconciliation notes
  • Filter on un-reconciled transactions and easily resolve any discrepancies


Countless number of late payment penalty charge calculations supported

  • Calculate late payment penalty for members who pay after due date or have not yet paid
  • Calculate penalty on any charge (not just Maintenance Charge)
  • Ability to over-ride the system calculated penalty by treasurer for any special cases
  • Give grace period to members who paid few days after the due date
  • Handle multiple due dates (see examples below)
  • Auto-calculate penalty on number of options:
    • Simple/Compound annual interest on reducing balance or outstanding balance
    • Flat rate on for every day of delay
    • %age of original/outstanding amounts for a given period
    • Apply penalty only if the total outstanding due is greater than a certain amount
    • Apply penalty only if dues against any particular charge is greater than certain amount
    • And many more...
  • Examples of few penalty schemes supported:
    • Calculate penalty at a flat rate of Rs. 25/- per every day of delay
    • Calculate penalty at a rate of Rs. 500/- for 1st week of delay and Rs. 1000/- there after
    • Calculate penalty at 10% per annum on the maintenance charge for a delay of a week and 20% of the maintenance charge if the payment is delayed by more than week
    • Calculate penalty at 2% per month on reducing balance as per the payments received against an invoice






Send Email/SMS alerts to selected members at periodic intervals in future

  • Schedule SMS alerts to be sent to any one member, group of members, all owners, residents, members at a future time. Helpful in reminding members about important events such as General body meetings, or cultural events
  • Configure any number of email/sms reminders to be sent to members few days before a payment due date, and after due date
  • Custom messages can be sent as reminder notifications, along with mail-merge capabilities for fields such as due amount, flat number etc.


Configure Metered Utilities such as Piped Gas, Water, Electricity etc., track meter readings, generate monthly invoices

  • Create and maintain list of metered utilities
  • Configure Billing Periods for each metered utility
  • Collect and maintain meter readings for all flats and configure units, charges per unit
  • Supports arrears and also the notion of minimum bill amount for a billing period
  • Supports integration with meter reading software that the complex is using already
  • Raise invoices for all flats against each utility
  • Combine metered utilities charges with other charges such as Maintenance dues and raise single invoice against a unit
  • Charges automatically get reflected in the member's statement and total outstanding dues
  • Integrated with the accounting module to track payments and defaulters


Metered Utility




Approval workflow for procurement of goods and services

  • Ability for facility manager (or committee members) to create purchase requests and submit for approval
  • Configure minimum number of approvers required and the list of potential approvers for every expense head. For example, configure that you would need minimum of 3 approvals among 9 eligible approvers to procure a new motor pump
  • Configure a "default" minimum number of approvers required and the list of potential approvers to be used when expense head level approvers are not set up
  • Approvers get notifications when a new Purchase Request is created and when one of the approvers has approved the same
  • Requestor will get notified when minimum number of approvals has been received
  • Purchase Request will be auto rejected if members reject and there are no minimum approvers left


Central register of all service providers of your complex

  • Capture and list all vendors / service providers of your complex in a central place along with their contact persons and contact number details
  • Helps new members to the complex settle quicker
  • Members have ability to rate the quality of service provided by a vendor along with a note
  • Option to share vendor details and feedback on the home page of your complex for your neighboring complexes to benefit




Financial Report


Get over 100+ reports on click of a button - download in CSV/Excel formats

  • Generate, View, Print financial reports such as Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Income/Expenditure (P & L) Report, Sundry Creditors Report, Sundry Debtors Report, Monthwise Expense Statements, Defaulters Reports etc.
  • Generate and view various reports in a printer friendly format. Reports such as Intercom directory, List of Housemaids, List of residents, Open Complaints etc. are readily available and can be printed directly
  • Download multiple variations of any report in Excel, CSV - reports such as "List of non-residing owners in B Block", "Complaints raised by flat B-402" etc. can be generated with few clicks, exported to excel/CVS or printed directly
  • Auto-Schedule reports to be emailed to one or more recipients at periodic intervals - for example, auto-publish society expenses of the week to all owners every week!


Take help of our trained staff to maintain your accounts in ApnaComplex

  • At present, this service is offered in Bangalore and Delhi/NCR regions
  • Our staff shall work remotely for most of the time and work from your society premises on a need basis to offer one or more of the following
    • Day-to-day accounting of all the cash and bank invoices / bills /vouchers and also quarterly updation of maintenance charges receipts
    • Monthly bank and cash reconciliation
    • Providing monthly report on various statutory liabilities, like Service Tax and TDS for its deposit into Government account before respective due dates
    • Quarterly filing of E-TDS returns and generating Form-16A
    • Quarterly/Monthly generation of Maintenance charges report for each apartment and updation of receipt of the same and its reconciliation and generation of receipts
    • Year end Finalization of book of accounts
    • Year end coordination with Statutory Auditors towards audit of book of accounts
  • Price is based on location of the society and the amount of work required


Book Keeping Services
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