Gatekeeper - Complete Apartment Security Management

Increase the security of your society without investing in any infrastructure.


Pre-Authorize Guests

Authorize Courier/Delivery

Track Staff Attendance

Track School Bus

Guard Patrol Tracking

Available in Indian Languages

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An Innovative Apartment Security App fully integrated with ApnaComplex

Gatekeeper app is a one-stop security solution for apartment complexes and gated communities.

It allows you to track Visitors, staff and even your child's school bus! It even has an offline mode, in case of a connectivity issue at the security gates.

In addition to using push notifications, it uses IVR to communicate with residents. Gatekeeper is a part of the ApnaComplex app which means, no more need for multiple apps!.

The application is available in Hindi, Tamil, and Marathi (in addition to English). Security staff can switch to their preferred language at any point.

  • guard-patrol-tracking
  • guard-patrol-tracking

Guard Patrol Tracking

Your society can sleep peacefully at night with our foolproof guard patrol tracking system

  • Define your own security guard patrol routes and checkpoints inside your apartment society
  • Each checkpoint is geo-tagged to ensure the guard actually covers that location
  • Guards can check in at the checkpoints using QR Code, NFC Card or any other security system
  • Define your own patrol timings and get real-time alerts in case of violations
  • Define custom SLAs and escalation matrix to automate escalation process
  • Keep accurate track of all patrols inside your society and get detailed automated reports

Visitor Tracking

Pre-Authorized Guests

  • Residents can update "Expected Visitor" details on ApnaComplex mobile app.
  • Security Gate shall automatically know about the Expected Visitor
  • Visitor shall receive an OTP, which can be keyed in at the time of Check in for hassle-free entry
  • Reduced work for Security, Hassle-free experience for resident's Guests

Ad-hoc Visitor Tracking

  • Record details (including photo) of visitors (delivery staff, couriers, gas etc.).
  • Mobile Notification (with audio) sent to Resident/Host for Approval
  • Resident approves/rejects the visitor - Visitor is checked in
  • Security falls back to manual verification if no response is received.

School Bus @ Gate

Quick and Easy School Bus Tracking

  • Easily create or join a school bus route that your child takes everyday
  • Get instant notifications when the school bus arrives at the gate to pickup or drop your child
  • Track the history of school bus timings
  • Communicate with other parents in your apartment complex following the same bus route
  • Add multiple bus routes for each school if needed


App-based Material Tracking

  • Track items being carried out of the gate by vendors, service staff and visitors
  • Maintain a record of material moving out of your flat or your society
  • Take pictures of the material and prevent misuse of the pass
  • Instant notification to Security Staff at the Gate
  • Works seamlessly with the Asset Management and Gatekeeper features of ApnaComplex App

Staff Attendance Tracking

  • Validate & Record Entry / Exit Domestic Staff (House helps, Drivers, Cooks etc.) into the Campus
  • Residents get alerts on Mobile about entry/exit of their respective staff
  • Security automatically knows if a particular staff is no longer working for any flat/unit - keeping your society safe
  • Track Attendance of Maintenance Staff (Estate Manager, Technical Staff)
  • Committee can get Attendance Reports from Admin interface to process payroll

Single App for Owners, Residents

Central Database. Single App to download

  • ApnaComplex Mobile App which is used for Discussions, Complaints, and Paying society dues can be used for Visitors as well.
  • Easy to adopt for Members as there are no need to download one more App only for Security.
  • Member Database and Staff Database is maintained centrally in a single place by Committee / Estate Office.
  • Residents can search for staff to hire through the app, provide feedback and rate their existing staff, invite guests via the app
  • Members get alerts whenever their staff checks in / out of campus, push notifications to approve / reject a visitor

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Trusted by Gated Communities across India

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want to pilot Gatekeeper. What are next steps?

    If you are already using ApnaComplex, just download ApnaComplex Gatekeeper App from Google Playstore on to any android phone. Follow the detailed steps mentioned in ApnaComplex Help site.

    If you are totally new to ApnaComplex, please Get Started with ApnaComplex

  • Do I need to pay and lease a phone just to try out Gatekeeper?

    No. You can install Gatekeeper App on your phone directly from Google Playstore. Play around, try it out and only after that you can explore option to buy your own device or lease a device.

  • Our society has multiple blocks and we want to validate visitor entry at each block? Should we have a device at every block now?

    No. Your block-level security needs to just ask the visitor to show the e-visitor pass issued to him/her at check in. The e-visitor pass will have details of the visitor and the flats visitor has been granted access to. e-visitor pass saves significant costs to the society as there is no need print anything as well.

  • Not every one of our residents have smart phone or internet connection. Will Gatekeeper be still useful?

    Absolutely. Gatekeeper assumes that not every one will have internet or as a matter of fact that Gatekeeper itself might go offline. In any case, there are manual fallbacks that are possible to be configured to ensure the safety and security at the gate is not compromised.

  • We want to print visitor passes, is it possible?

    Yes, you can print Visitor passes from Gatekeeper directly via a Bluetooth printer. You would need to buy a bluetooth printer recommended by us. Apart from printer, the operating cost of print ink and paper would approximately cost you between 10-20 paise per pass.

  • What about Data Privacy of our Visitors?

    We have been entrusted with data of societies across the country for close to eight years now. We apply the same principles for your visitor data and do NOT share data of visitors to your flats to other societies or establishments. We are not like the apps that store your visitor data and share it with other societies in name of improving speed of data entry or in the name of security.

    Data Privacy is a very good reason why you should have a single integrated IT platform such as ApnaComplex for all your society's needs. This eliminates the need for resident data to be in multiple databases.

  • Do you assist in implementation / roll out / training?

    We assist you in several ways to roll out Gatekeeper including handholding via Mutiple Trainings, Videos, Posters and Banners for society to educate the residents etc.

    If you are already a paid customer of ApnaComplex, the implementation efforts are very minimal as most of the data is already present.

    If you are new to ApnaComplex, our Onboarding team shall bring your society data on to ApnaComplex platform in an efficient way.

  • I have more questions, how do I get them answered?

    Please fill the form below and we would be glad to reach out to you.

  • Do you recommend to buy our own device or lease it from you? We do not want to compromise on Security.

    You should have figured out its LOT cheaper to buy a device on your own than lease one. Some calculations: one time cost of a device (including screen gaurds and back covers) will not exceed more than Rs. 7000/-. Even if you take a Rs. 250/- data plan - total cost of implementing Gatekeeper for two years is Rs. 13,000/- (7000 + 2*12*250). If you lease the same - you would spending Rs. 28,800 in two years. You could actually buy two devices with the nearly same cost of leasing one (Pro tip: You can maintain the second as a back up just in case the first device gets damaged). The more devices you would need in your society, the cheaper it is to own and operate to reduce expenses. Security need not necessarily be an expensive affair.

    There is no 'additional' security you would get if you lease vs if you buy your own devices. Spending more does not necessaily mean more security. Its actually a choice of your convenience.

YES! I want my Apartment Complex to be more SECURE.

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