Visitor Tracking

  • Create a visitor pass - record details on visitors with no prior information and issue a pass.
  • Expected Visitors: To validate details of visitor who the resident is expecting and issue a pass.
  • Record exit of visitor from the complex.
  • E-Mail and SMS notifications sent to residents every time a visitor pass is created.
  • Validate mobile number by sending a 4 digit code via SMS to the visitor in real time.
  • Take photos and keep a track of frequent visitors with pre-filled details for frequent visitors.

Initial Setup through Portal and App

  • Easy setup from the online ApnaComplex Portal by the Estate Office or Committee Members
  • Customize the list visitor information fields to be captured by Security at gate
  • Each field can be configured as "Don't Ask", "Mandatory" or as "Optional"

Operate Online as Well as Offline

Pass Issuance

  • The visitor mobile phone number, rest of visitor details including photographs are captured into the application.
  • The application stores it locally, or syncs directly with internet connection.

Sync Up

  • When the network connectivity is available, the system uploads all the visitor data to
  • The system sends out emails and SMS as appropriate with time stamps.
  • The system syncs meta-data from

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