Visitor Tracking

Adhoc Visitor Tracking

  • Record details (including photo) of visitors (delivery staff, couriers, gas etc.) and issue a pass.
  • Validate Visitor's mobile number with OTP in real time.
  • E-Mail and Mobile Alerts sent to residents when a visitor pass is created.
  • Pre-filled details for frequent visitors.
  • Members can update multiple phone numbers that security can reach out to in an order.

Pre-Authorized Visitor (Expected Visitor) Tracking

  • Residents can update "Expected Visitor" details on ApnaComplex mobile app.
  • Security Gate shall automatically know about the Expected Visitor
  • Visitor shall recieve an OTP, which can be keyed in at the time of Check in for hassle-free entry
  • Reduced work for Security, Hassle-free experience for resident's Guests

Staff Attendance Tracking

  • Validate & Record Entry / Exit Domestic Staff (House helps, Drivers, Cooks etc.) into the Campus
  • Residents get alerts on Mobile about entry/exit of thier respctive staff
  • Security automatically knows if a particualr staff is no longer working for any flat/unit - keeping your society safe
  • Track Attendance of Maintenance Staff (Estate Manager, Technical Staff)
  • Committee can get Attendance Reports from Admin interface to process payroll

Single App for Owners, Residents and Admins

Central Database. Single App to download.

  • ApnaComplex Mobile App thats used for Discussions, Complaints, Paying society dues can be used for Visitors as well.
  • Easy to adopt for Members as there are no need to download one more App only for Security.
  • Member Database and Staff Database is maintained centrally in a single place by Committee / Estate Office.

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