Need for an Apartment Management Software

Challanges that ApnaComplex - the Apartment Management Software - can solve in a Housing Society

Typical Challenges in any Apartment Association

  • Tired of maintaining multiple email groups, multiple excel sheets containing email ids, phone numbers, addresses, vehicle details of owners/tenants.
  • Treasurer feeling overloaded tracking maintenance dues from members, reconciling bank accounts and issuing receipts
  • Residents getting restless that issues are not getting resolved despite reminders and no one knows the status of the complaint raised
  • Managing Committee seems to keep discussing the same issues again and again with no concrete decision

Such issues and many more are common in most housing societies. In the absence of appropriate tools, management of the residential complex takes too much of time, effort and money with lots of inefficiencies. Help is here now, in form of ApnaComplex.

ApnaComplex is the solution!
Here's why:

  • Manage data of your complex (owners, residents, vendors, staff, vehicles, documents, assets, income, expenses, dues etc.) from one place
  • Bring in transparency into the operations of the association and thus improve satisfaction of owners and residents.
  • Manage complex professionally with processes supported by tools, than being person dependent
  • Reduce total efforts being spent to manage the complex - encourages people to come forward to be part of managing committee

Check out our rich feature set that enables all the above. All these, at a nominal cost in form of monthly subscription. Even importantly, with zero investments on hardware or software licenses - you truly pay what you use for.

What is ApnaComplex?

ApnaComplex integrates various dimensions of managing a residential complex such as managing finances, managing data (of owners, facilities, assets, documents etc.), managing day-to-day operations, and most importantly bringing the entire community together. ApnaComplex is offered as a hosted solution with zero infrastructure setup by the society. Following are salient features:

Who should use ApnaComplex?

ApnaComplex can be used by any one associated with a residential complex. ApnaComplex has features which offer great value to the owners & tenants, the team maintaining the complex (managing committees, property management agencies, property developers), auditors and accountants. You can check out the details of our offerings in our features.

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