Add-on Security Devices for Apartment Management

Optional devices that increase security of your Apartment or Layout


Vehicle Sentry


Greater safety of all vehicles in your society

A cost-effective medium to staying alert and receiving quick, real time alerts from your vehicle*

  • Get alerts whenever your vehicle moves in/out of the Building.
  • "Smart lock" your vehicle from phone and prevent attempt to take the vehicle out the building gates.
  • Fully integrated with the ApnaComplex's cloud platform.
  • RFID cards installed in the vehicles of society members are read by the RFID Readers installed at the gates of your society.
  • ApnaComplex's proprietary custom hardware called "Sentry Controller" acts as gateway between the ApnaComplex Cloud and RFID Readers.
  • The Sentry Controller shall alert via audio-visual clues.
  • For extra security measures, Sentry Controller can be integrated with boom barriers.
  • Check out Vehicle Sentry for more details.
  • * This is an add-on module - enabled only with hardware purchase and has additional subscription fees.


Visitor Tracking without Internet

Enable security staff to record visitors details, validate and track

  • Gatekeeper is an innovative solution which addresses the challenges regarding visitors tracking in Apartment Complexes
  • Easy interface that can be operated by security staff (for example, the access to the android app is controlled by PIN number instead of typing complex passwords every time)
  • Ability to record visitors - automatically pre-populate details of frequent visitors based on the mobile number.
  • Take picture of visitor's vehicle or visitor
  • Send a verification code to the visitor's phone number to ensure the phone number is valid
  • Quickly look up residents of the flat the visitor is meeting - this helps in validation - also SMS can be sent to the residents with details of visitors
  • Generate visitors pass and record exits.
  • Gatekeeper has the ability to run stand alone without internet connection and sync up with master database as and when internet connection is made available.
  • Check out Gatekeeper for more details.


Gatekeeper Gatekeeper




Society / Apartment Staff attendance tracking - integrated with Bio-metric Finger Print Scanner*

  • Track attendance of maintenance staff through finger print reader
  • View Attendance Reports of Maintenance Staff on daily basis, monthly basis etc.
  • Get to know the amount of time spent outside of the complex by the staff
  • Enables Society to easily calculate the payroll based on the attendance
  • Manually over-ride the attendance records as per need
  • Ability to manually insert attendance records to handle missed swiping cases
  • Ability to handle multiple devices installed in a location
  • * This is an add-on module - enabled only with hardware purchase