Gate Management Apps to augment Apartment Security

Optional hardware devices that increase security of your Apartment or Layout




Manage Domestic Staff and Maintenance Office Staff Attendance with or with out bio-metrics

  • Track attendance of maintenance staff through online bio-metric reader or Gatekeeper app
  • Get push notifications when ever staff working for your flat are at the Gate.
  • View Attendance Reports of Maintenance Staff on daily basis, monthly basis etc.
  • Enables Society to easily calculate the payroll based on the attendance of Maintenance Staff
  • Manually over-ride the attendance records as per need
  • Ability to manually insert attendance records to handle missed swiping cases
  • Ability to handle multiple devices installed in a location


Visitor Tracking without Internet

Enable security staff to record visitors details, validate and track

  • Gatekeeper is an innovative solution which addresses the challenges regarding visitors tracking in Apartment Complexes
  • Easy interface that can be operated by security staff (for example, the access to the android app is controlled by PIN number instead of typing complex passwords every time)
  • Ability to record visitors - automatically pre-populate details of frequent visitors based on the mobile number.
  • Take picture of visitor's vehicle or visitor
  • Send a verification code to the visitor's phone number to ensure the phone number is valid
  • Quickly look up residents of the flat the visitor is meeting - this helps in validation - also SMS can be sent to the residents with details of visitors
  • Generate visitors pass and record exits.
  • Gatekeeper has the ability to run stand alone without internet connection and sync up with master database as and when internet connection is made available.
  • Check out Gatekeeper for more details.


Gatekeeper Gatekeeper


Vehicle Sentry


Greater safety of all vehicles in your society

A cost-effective medium to staying alert and receiving quick, real time alerts from your vehicle*

  • Get alerts whenever your vehicle moves in/out of the Building.
  • "Smart lock" your vehicle from phone and prevent attempt to take the vehicle out the building gates.
  • Fully integrated with the ApnaComplex's cloud platform.
  • RFID cards installed in the vehicles of society members are read by the RFID Readers installed at the gates of your society.
  • ApnaComplex's proprietary custom hardware "Sentry Controller" acts as gateway between the ApnaComplex Cloud and RFID Readers.
  • The Sentry Controller shall alert via audio-visual clues.
  • For extra security measures, Sentry Controller can be integrated with boom barriers.
  • Check out Vehicle Sentry for more details.
  • * This is an add-on module - enabled only with hardware purchase and has additional subscription fees.


Directory of Service Staff (Drivers, House helpers etc.) working in your complex

  • Capture all details of Service Staff working for individual flats/house along with a picture for easy identification
  • Attach documents (such as scanned copies of license or ration card) with a service staff as a background verification measure
  • Associate/Remove Service Staff with one or more units along with start and end dates
  • Inactivate service staff who are not working in any units
  • Easily view list of flats a given service staff is associated with and the list of service staff associated with a flat
  • View service history of a given staff to obtain feedback on the staff before employing


Staff Management Add
Staff Management List


Maintanence Staff


Directory of Maintenance Staff working in your complex

  • Maintain details of Maintenance Staff (Facilities Manager, Electrician, Security Supervisor) working in your apartment/layout
  • Maintenance Staff can be registered users of ApnaComplex and will be given "Staff" access in the portal
  • Maintenance Staff can be assigned Administrator Roles to delegate responsibilities - for example, you can mark the Facilities Manager as "Notification Administrator" who can broadcast emails, SMSs to all members
  • Maintenance Staff can be assigned complaints and they can update the status of the complaints, if needed
  • SMS can be directly sent to the staff when complaints are logged. For example, an electrican can receive an SMS of a new electrical complaint as soon as it is logged
  • Administrators can create any number of Maintenance Staff Roles and assign them to staff
  • Auditors, Security Supervisors can also be added to the portal as staff and given appropriate access
  • Optionally, Maintenance Staff Attendance can be tracked using Bio-metric Attendance Tracking module


Increase security of your complex with central database of authorized vehicles with a mapping to parking lots

  • Add all parking lots of the complex with a unique number given to each parking lot
  • Capture vehicles of all residents in the complex - maintain details such as vehicle number, vehicle make, model etc for easy identification
  • Either members can enter their respective vehicle details or administrators can enter details of all vehicles
  • Track occupancy of parking lots in the complex - vehicles can be tagged with parking lots
  • Easily identify flats having more vehicles than the parking lots they own
  • Easily identify vehicles without any parking lot
  • Track sticker issuance for all vehicles - sticker issuance status can be reset for all vehicles any time to enable the sticker re-issuance periodically
  • Enables a tight monitoring of any unauthorized vehicle movement
  • Security supervisors can be given access to the Vehicle and Parking Lot directory for efficient tracking of vehicles


Parking Lot
Parking Vehicle




A central record keeping system to track Visitors to your Society

  • Record details of Visitors such as name, phone number, purpose of visit, vehicle details etc
  • Provision to add picture of the visitor
  • Download and Print Visitors Pass
  • Record in-time and out-time, and know the list of Visitors in the Society's campus at the click of a button
  • Captures Visitors entering from one gate and leaving from another - improving security
  • Easy User Interface built primarily for the Security Front Office
  • An inbuilt role "Security Front Office" is available, which provides access ONLY to this module - making it easier to delegate the access and yet control the information being shared
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