Facility Management Software Features

Tools that simplify complex operations, aid in cost reduction, and improve efficiencies


Water Monitor
Water Monitor APP

Water Monitor - an Android App to easily keep track of the Water delivered by Tankers to your Property

Track Water Tanker Trips and Consumption in your Property

  • Water Monitor is a new-age andrioid app offered by ApnaComplex which is used by the security staff at the entrance gate of your property.
  • Security staff can record details of water tankers coming in, the volume of water being supplied along with pictures in one simple step.
  • Facility Managers or Committee members can monitor and analyse the number of water tankers coming in and the volume of water being supplied from the ApnaComplex portal directly.
  • The designated Staff or Committee can log into the ApnaComplex portal and view the details like
    • Vendor and the volume of water supplied
    • Number of tankers have entered the complex of a specific/all vendors
    • Billed/unbilled trips of specific/all vendors
    • Amount of money spend of specific/all vendors
    • Consumption and Billing Trends of Water Tanker Water
  • Check out Water Monitor for more details.


Single register for all Assets in a complex and their service history

  • Create Asset Groups and capture details of assets like Lifts, Fire Equipment, Pumps, Electrical Fittings, Borewells etc
  • Assign unique id for each asset for easy tracking
  • Maintain attributes like model, make, date of purchase, expected life span, purchase cost, warranty period associated with asset
  • Helps in taking quick decisions at the time of repairs/replacement
  • Capture details of every service done on the asset
  • Maintain Service History of each Asset
  • Helps in tracking the # of services done by vendors as a part of AMCs
  • Get Email Reminders few days before the asset is due for next service
  • Guarantees preventive maintenance by ensuring that servicing is never missed
  • Decommission assets once the life span is over or when asset is destroyed. Helps maintain a record of all past assets that are no longer in use


Assets Add
Assets List


Stock Add
Stock Register


Track all inventory in a complex

  • Track inventory by defining various stock items such as Diesel, Water, Bulbs, etc
  • Facility to add, purchase and consume transactions of every item, along with the date of the transaction, the quantity and the price (for purchase transactions)
  • View Statement of each stock item for a given date range which gives an overview of how an item was purchased and used
  • Generate month-wise consumption reports for a given date range for all stock items


Maintanence Staff


Directory of Maintenance Staff working in your complex

  • Maintain details of Maintenance Staff (Facilities Manager, Electrician, Security Supervisor) working in your apartment/layout
  • Maintenance Staff can be registered users of ApnaComplex and will be given "Staff" access in the portal
  • Maintenance Staff can be assigned Administrator Roles to delegate responsibilities - for example, you can mark the Facilities Manager as "Notification Administrator" who can broadcast emails, SMSs to all members
  • Maintenance Staff can be assigned complaints and they can update the status of the complaints, if needed
  • SMS can be directly sent to the staff when complaints are logged. For example, an electrican can receive an SMS of a new electrical complaint as soon as it is logged
  • Administrators can create any number of Maintenance Staff Roles and assign them to staff
  • Auditors, Security Supervisors can also be added to the portal as staff and given appropriate access
  • Optionally, Maintenance Staff Attendance can be tracked using Bio-metric Attendance Tracking module


Directory of Service Staff (Drivers, House helpers etc.) working in your complex

  • Capture all details of Service Staff working for individual flats/house along with a picture for easy identification
  • Attach documents (such as scanned copies of license or ration card) with a service staff as a background verification measure
  • Associate/Remove Service Staff with one or more units along with start and end dates
  • Inactivate service staff who are not working in any units
  • Easily view list of flats a given service staff is associated with and the list of service staff associated with a flat
  • View service history of a given staff to obtain feedback on the staff before employing


Staff Management Add
Staff Management List


A comprehensive facility reservation system for residential and commercial complexes

  • Define facilities of your complex that are available for booking by members
  • Attach usage rules, charges and details with each facility
  • View list of facilities and the bookings made by members
  • Facilities Manager (Administrators) can make reservations on behalf of the members
  • Members can make one time booking or recurring bookings on a daily, weekly basis - bookings such as "Book Tennis Court every Monday and Wednesday from 9:00-11:00 AM from October 15th 2010 to Dec 25th 2010" are possible with a single click (cannot book a facility if a booking already exists)
  • Administrators can define flexible rate structures in flat rate, hourly rate or daily rate with different slabs. For example, rates such as Rs. 400 for up to 2 hours of usage, Rs. 700 for up to 4 hours usage for Party Hall can now be easily defined
  • Administrators can also define different rates for different categories of bookings - one rate structure for owners, another for tenants, another for guests of members and yet another for vendors! The charge amount will automatically be calculated when a booking is made
  • Charges are automatically calculated based on the reservation made - total cost is shown for recurring bookings
  • Administrators can approve or reject each booking (can be configured to auto-approve bookings)
  • Upon admin approvals, an invoice of relevant charges will be posted to the member's accout and seamless interface will guide the facility booking admin to record the payment
  • View past bookings to understand the revenues generated due to the bookings


Facility Add
Facility List


Meeting Calendar
Create Meeting


Make your Society an efficient, professional organization!

  • Schedule One-time Meetings, Recurring Meetings (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Invite one or more attendees with agenda - all committee members, all owners, all residents, one or more groups or a selected list of members
  • Invitees can respond to a Meeting Invite by accepting/declining/marking tentative and organizers can track the responses
  • Meeting Organizers can reschedule/cancel meetings, update list of invitees, mark attendance of invitees
  • Record/Upload and share Meeting Minutes, create action items associated with a meeting and track them to closure
  • Members can see all the meetings they have been invited to and the ones they are organizing in a colour-coded calendar view


Register and track all action items of Managing Committee and long running issues to closure

  • Log and Track all issues and action items arising out of managing committee meetings
  • Committee Members can be assigned responsibility to every action item with a due date and status can be updated
  • Work-in-progress notes can be updated. Author name and time automatically captured for all updates
  • Re-assign action items to other managing committee members - ensures continuity of work on action items - easy hand over of action items
  • Receive email reminders of all due action items
  • Improves accountability within the committee members
  • Easy handover when a new committee takes over
  • Track the amount of time it takes for any action item to be closed
  • Enables to easily highlight "achievements" of the managing committee to other members of the association


Action Item Tracking


Increase security of your complex with central database of authorized vehicles with a mapping to parking lots

  • Add all parking lots of the complex with a unique number given to each parking lot
  • Capture vehicles of all residents in the complex - maintain details such as vehicle number, vehicle make, model etc for easy identification
  • Either members can enter their respective vehicle details or administrators can enter details of all vehicles
  • Track occupancy of parking lots in the complex - vehicles can be tagged with parking lots
  • Easily identify flats having more vehicles than the parking lots they own
  • Easily identify vehicles without any parking lot
  • Track sticker issuance for all vehicles - sticker issuance status can be reset for all vehicles any time to enable the sticker re-issuance periodically
  • Enables a tight monitoring of any unauthorized vehicle movement
  • Security supervisors can be given access to the Vehicle and Parking Lot directory for efficient tracking of vehicles


Parking Lot
Parking Vehicle




A central record keeping system to track Visitors to your Society

  • Record details of Visitors such as name, phone number, purpose of visit, vehicle details etc
  • Provision to add picture of the visitor
  • Download and Print Visitors Pass
  • Record in-time and out-time, and know the list of Visitors in the Society's campus at the click of a button
  • Captures Visitors entering from one gate and leaving from another - improving security
  • Easy User Interface built primarily for the Security Front Office
  • An inbuilt role "Security Front Office" is available, which provides access ONLY to this module - making it easier to delegate the access and yet control the information being shared
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