Data of your Society in a Central Place

Time to move away from countless number of confusing spread sheets


Gateway to your complex on the internet

  • Get a landing page for your complex online - with easy to remember urls. Provides online presence for your complex
  • Provide details such as amenities available, directions, location of the complex to visitors or interested parties outside your complex
  • Share Vendors list and feedback of your complex with other neighboring complexes
  • Provide facility for people outside the complex to contact the Administrators of the portal, Committee Members, Apartment Owners for rental, sale, stalls etc. - all without a need to disclose your contact details
  • Provide facility for Owners / Tenants to join the complex
  • Sample Home pages: Godrej Woodsman Estate, Aparna Sarovar


Complex Home


Member Directory

Owners / Residents Directory

Directory of Owners, Residents, Flats - Maintain information that makes reaching out to each
other much easier

  • Maintain information of owners are staying in the unit or if the unit has been rented out
  • Listing of all units (flats) with super-builtup areas & intercom numbers
  • Maintain sale status, occupancy status of each flat
  • Maintain information on who shall pay the financial dues on a flat - the owner, tenant or the builder
  • Emails can be sent from the directory itself by all members
  • Administrators can send SMS to members from the directory itself
  • Mark Units as available for rent and/or for sale
  • Associate documents with individual flats - useful to track sale deeds, lease agreements etc.


Maintain list of office bearers, committee members and easily reach out to them

  • Assign list of office bearers (President, Vice-president, Treasurer, Secretary, Committee members, Sub-Committee members etc) from the list of owners
  • Assign areas of responsibility to each office bearer or committee member
  • Members can view the list of committee members and email all of them via ApnaComplex without ever having the need to know personal email addresses of the committee members
  • Remove existing committee members and new members when the term concludes and new committee takes over




User Management


Manage User Accounts of Owners, Tenants, Staff

  • Bulk upload members of your complex by providing flat numbers, email addresses, phone numbers
  • Add members by entering details directly against a flat
  • Supports adding of same member against multiple flats
  • Smart detection of duplicate entries and automatic activation of accounts whose email addresses are already registered
  • Email notification for all added members if email address is available
  • Allows maintaining details of members who do not have an email address
  • Auto-register members (configurable setting) - eliminates the need for members to create their accounts. With auto-register, members will just need to activate their account
  • Members can be de-activated and re-activated any time. Facility to see list of de-activated members at any time
  • Staff accounts can be added similar to Member accounts - supports the notion of a single user being a resident as well as a staff
  • Approve/Reject users who requested to join
  • Invite neighbours to join your complex's portal on ApnaComplex


Comply with regulations such as Maharashtra Co-operative Housing Society Act, 2009

  • Custom Registers module to meet Maharashtra Co-operative Housing Society Act, 2009
  • Maintain, Download, Print Registers such as Share Registers, Investment Register, Nomination Register, Member Register, Committee Member Register, Form-J etc
  • Administrators can enforce any terms and conditions (including Bye Laws) to be explicitly accepted by Members when they log into the society portal
  • Members(including Administrators) granted access only upon reading and accepting the bye laws
  • Administrators can track the acceptance of the bye laws by members and see reports on who accepted and when
  • Easy to induct New owners/tenants into the association and make them aware of the bye-laws
  • Administrators can post amendments to bye-laws, resolutions passed etc. as terms and conditions and enforce members to re-accept these


Bye Laws


User Role


Flexible Role Management providing granular access to functionality, improving information and data security

  • ApnaComplex provides "Administrator" for every feature - such as Noticeboard Administrator, Complaint Box Administrator, Accounting Administrator, Vehicle Management Administrator and so on for every feature
  • Multiple role system enables fine grain access control, enabling strong data security - and making information available only on need to know basis
  • A super user role of "Community Administrator" who is the overall authority of the portal is provided
  • Members can be assigned multiple Administrator Roles - helps in seggregation of responsibilities
  • Multiple users can be assigned as Administrators of same module - helps in effective delegation of responsibilities
  • Members can switch between roles - for every role, a customized interface to perform operations specific to that role is provided