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Share Ideas, Photos, Documents, Contacts and more - not just Common Areas!

Community Wiki

A central place for your housing society's content

  • Create and publish articles like a Policy on Pets, Waste Management Guidelines, Diwali Celebration Tips, a simple Getting Started for your new tenants, Monthly News Letter with our apartment maintenance software - the list is endless
  • Categorize articles in an easy to maintain hierarchy using this apartment management system
  • Collaborate with in the committee on the content, create multiple revisions, and then publish to a wider audience.
  • Lookup the revision history of any article and also the difference between two reversions of an article easily.
  • Restrict access to the articles to only owners or committee members by setting permissions on the article.
  • Separate roles for content authors and content publishers






Collect Detailed Feedback, Opinions for any aspect of the society

  • Create surveys with any number of questions to be filled by Owners/Residents/Committee Members
  • Save Surveys as Draft, review with other committee members and then publish to entire society
  • Questions can be of multiple choice type or single option or free form text to capture detailed comments
  • Questions can be marked as mandatory or optional
  • Choose the set of participants - every one, only owners, only residents, only resident owners, only committee members
  • Make the particpants anynoymous by marking the Survey as secret
  • Schedule Survey validity date range - with start and end dates - poll will be auto-closed on the end date
  • Have an option to publish the results to every one or only to the administrators
  • Members can fill the responses, go back and edit them before making final submission
  • Admin can download the survey responses as excel for attaching and sending to members or for further analysis


Transparent Decision Making - Conduct voting online for any topic / issue / elections

  • Create polls with multiple options to be voted for (Only Members and Administrators)
  • Cast vote by selecting one of the options (Only Members)
  • Choose the set of eligible voters - every one, only owners, only residents, only resident owners, only committee members
  • Configure voting rights - one per unit or one per user - for every poll
  • Conduct anonymous polls by marking the poll as secret
  • Schedule polling date range - with start and end dates - poll will be auto-closed on the end date
  • Get to know the list of participants upon closure of the poll
  • Conduct Polls among Groups (only paid edition)




Have healthy discussions on any topic!

  • Online Forum to post topics and replies in a threaded and organized manner
  • Discussions can be access controlled - can be made open to all members, or only owners or only between committee members
  • Eliminates the need for multiple forums, whatsapps groups, yahoo/google groups etc. as all discussions are stored in a central place
  • New committee members and owners will get instant access to all past discussions
  • Administrators can close topics from further discussions and archive the topics for future reference
  • For paid editions: Discussion forums enabled via mailing lists - receive discussions in your mail box and respond to them from email box.


Post notices online and reach every one

  • Notices can be posted to every one in the complex
  • All notices will be emailed to the members (based on the notification settings of the user)
  • All notices will be visible on the online Notice Board till the expiry date of the notice
  • Flash notices can be posted, which will be shown in a popup dialog that users cannot ignore
  • Documents can be attached to notices
  • Administrators can publish Special Notices that will reach all members of the community - including members who have not yet joined online. This enables one way communication from the association to all members on key events
  • Administrators can post notices which are visible only to Owners, or only to Committee members
  • Administrators can approve all notices before they are published to every one (configurable setting)
  • Administrators can change the expiry date and the access level at the time of approving
  • Administrators can extend date of expired notices and also delete all notices
  • Reports like expense statements can be published on the notice board





Society Photo Gallery

Securely Share Photos of Community Events with in the Society

  • Organize photos into multiple albums
  • Upload multiple photos into the portal at one shot
  • Albums and photos only accessible to the members of the society
  • No more need to post pictures in public photo sharing sites and then share urls - compromising on security


Send important SMS to even DND registered mobile numbers

  • Administrators can send instant messages by SMS or/and Email to all members of a community
  • Important SMS can be sent to even mobile numbers that are in DND list
  • Useful in case of emergencies and/or to communicate important messages urgently
  • Shortcuts to send messages to different category of members - such as all owners, all tenants, committee members of the apartment association, administrators
  • Sophisticated filtering options on multiple fields (blocks, flat numbers, owners, residents, tenants and more) and their combinations making it easy to broadcast to a select subset of members
  • Multi-select individual members across the entire community and send a message
  • SMS Packs need to be purchased for FREE editions. Paid editions get a pool of SMS as a part of package which can topped up at additional cost if needed.






Create special interest Groups with a dedicated mailing list

  • Create groups for sub-committees, task forces, hobbyists or for any purpose
  • Every group has its own discussion board, a dedicated document repository and a dedicated mailing list
  • Members can interact via email or through the portal
  • Documents can be shared between group members easily
  • Helps keep the community's main discussion forum less cluttered


Online document storage for your complex

  • Members can upload documents - such as Bye laws, Committee member meeting minutes, Dos and Don'ts, Floor plans etc
  • All documents in secure repository - documents stored with encrypted names for extra protection
  • Moderate document uploads by Admins, if needed
  • Associate documents with individual Flats - easy to track Sale Deeds, Lease Agreements etc.
  • Tag documents with a category
  • All attachments sent with notices, complaints are automatically stored as documents in the repository
  • Query and easily find documents based on document name, category, uploaded member's name, type of document etc
  • Even store documents published from other modules such as expense reports, defaulter lists in the document repository
  • Granular Access control options to restrict access to Owners only, Committee Members only or Administrators only
  • Option to delete documents available only for Administrators






Secure Personal Inbox - to send/receive/store community related messages

  • Personal secure inbox for everyone to receive messages from other members, external people and administrators
  • Members receive email notifications for new notices, new complaints and for updates on complaints
  • Members can configure to not recieve updates to their actual email address and read all notifications within ApnaComplex portal in the secure inbox
  • Send Messages to other members, administrators, committee members - keep track of all sent messages in Sent Folder
  • Users outside the community can respond to public buy/sell notices, can reach out to administrators without knowing the email address - protects your identity when posting classifieds


Maintain list of useful contacts for every one in the society

  • Maintain contacts of frequently used services and neighborhood vendors like Paper Delivery, Gas Delivery, Neighborhood Medical Store, Home Delivery Caterers and so on
  • Useful for members moving into the complex for the first time - helps them settle down quickly
  • Any one can contribute to the list - only Administators can delete


Contact List




Post Buy, Sell, Rent Classifieds

  • Apartment Owners can reach out to the world when trying to rent/sell their flats or when looking for services or when offering services
  • All classifieds are indexed by search engines such as google - increasing chances of meeting your need
  • Search for offers from trusted network of other apartment owners


Browse through Vendor database, request for quotes from multiple suppliers

  • Browse through the database of VERIFIED suppliers / vendors in your city (such as Facility Management Vendors, Lift, WTP, RO, STP, Gym, Swimming Pool maintenance firms, Security Staff Providers etc.)
  • Select the suppliers you like to consider for your requirement
  • Request for quotations and receive quotes from Suppliers to your mail box
  • Easily compare various quotations
  • Increases transparency in supplier selection
  • Reduces cycle time to select a supplier
  • Vendor list currently available for Hyderabad, Secunderabad and Bangalore cities
  • If you are a vendor, send mail to vendors@apnacomplex.com with your company profile and services offered
  • This feature is available to every one (you need not be a registered complex with us) free of cost. You can start your search for vendors now


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