ELCIA wins ApnaComplex TPL Inaugural Edition

ELCIA's E-City Challengers team has won over Ajmera Infinity's Ajmera Tsunami
Checkout few pictures and the scores on our Facebook page.

ApnaComplex TPL Grand Finale Invitation

ApnaComplex and Treamis World School cordially invites you, your family, friends and relatives to the grand finale of the ApnaComplex Treamis Premiere League on 02nd October 2011.

Ajmera Tsnuami of Ajmera Infinity V/S ELCIA E-City Challangers

Super Bonanza (exclusive of other prizes) for the ApnaComplex TPL Participants - One year Swimming Pool Membership Free of Cost during weekends and non-school hours for all the cricket participants of ATPL. Please bring a passport size photograph for the ids.

The party starts at 12:30 PM with a paid lunch buffet.Buffet Price - Rs.150/Person (Prior registration for the buffet is mandatory so that we can make necessary arrangements)

Agenda for Oct 2nd 2011
Venue: Treamis World School Campus, Electronics City, Bangalore
10:00 am - 12:30 pm Finals of TPL
12: 30 Lunch
1:00 Party/Prize distribution
3:30 Vote of Thanks followed by High Tea

See you all there!

Here is the final list of participants, the schedule of the ApnaComplex Treamis Premeire League Tournament along with latest points table and results:

S. No Apartment / Corporate Name Team Names Team Captain Played Won Lost Points
1 SPRING FIELD Field Fighters SACHIN 2 2 0 4
3 PURVA PANORAMA Purva Titanz RAVI 2 2 0 4
4 CONCORDE MANHATTAN Manhattan United NITESH 2 2 0 4
5 AJMERA INFINITY Tsunami Ajmera Sandeep 2 2 0 4
7 SJR SPENCER Splendid Spencers VIKASH 2 1 1 2
8 ELCIA E-City Challangers NAKEERAN 2 1 1 2
9 CONCORDE MIDWAY CITY Midway Crusaders SOURYA 2 0 2 0
10 NEXTEER AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS Nexteer Challangers ANAND 2 0 2 0
11 HIMAGIRI MEADOWS Cool Meadows PAULRAJ 2 0 2 0
12 DAADY'S SOUTHBOURG Daady's Dare Devils DHANANJAY 2 0 2 0
13 FERNS HABITAT Fabulous Ferns JOY 2 0 2 0
SOBHA DAFFODIL DaffodilsVIVEK Pulled out of tournament. Replaced by Celebrity Paradise.

And here the schedule and results:

Match Date Time Result
AJMERA INFINITY V/S DAADY'S SOUTHBOURG10th Sep 20119.00 AM - 11.30 AM Dare Devils 57 All Out in 11.2 Overs
Tsunami 63 for 1 wicket in 9.2 Overs
Man of the Match: Anish
PURVA PANORAMA V/S CONCORDE MIDWAY CITY10th Sep 20113.00 PM - 5.30 PM Titanz 212 for 5 wickets in 15 Overs
Crusaders 100 for 3 wickets in 15 Overs
Man of the Match: Zakir
CONCORDE SILICON VALLEY V/S SPRING FIELD11th Sep 20119.00 AM - 11.30 AM Warriors 109 for 10 wickets in 14.2 Overs
Field Fighters 114 for no loss in 5.2 Overs
Man of the Match: John
HIMAGIRI MEADOWS V/S SJR SPENCERS11th Sep 201112.00 PM - 2.30 PM Meadows 87 All Out in 15 Overs
Spencers 88 for 4 wickets in 12.1 Overs
Man of the Match: Ankit
CONCORDE MANHATTAN V/S FERNS HABITAT11th Sep 20113.00 PM - 5.30 PM Fabulous Ferns 122 All Out in 15 Overs
Manhatten United 127 for 1 wicket in 13 Overs
Man of the Match: Vikas
NEXTEER AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS V/S AJMERA INFINITY17th Sep 20119.00 AM - 11.30 AM Tsunami 149 for 5 wickets in 15 Overs
Challangers 110 for 9 wickets in 15 Overs
Man of the Match: Pramod
DAADY'S SOUTHBOURG V/S CELEBRITY PARADISE17th Sep 201112.00 PM - 2.30 PM Paradise 183 All Out in 14 Overs
Dare Devils 88 All Out in 13 Overs
Man of the Match: Upendra
ELCIA V/S PURVA PANORAMA17th Sep 20113.00 PM - 5.30 PM ELCIA 120 for 6 wickets in 15 Overs
Titanz 121 for 2 wickets in 10.5 Overs
Man of the Match: Zakir
NEXTEER AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS V/S CELEBRITY PARADISE18th Sep 2011 Challangers 92 All Out in 13.5 Overs
Paradise 96 for 2 wickets in 6.5 Overs
Man of the Match: Santhosh
CONCORDE MIDWAY CITY V/S CONCORDE SILICON VALLEY18th Sep 20119.00 AM - 11.30 AM Midway Crusaders 116 for 7 wickets in 15 Overs
Warriors 121 for 6 wickets in 10 Overs
Man of the Match: Umakant
SPRING FIELD V/S HIMAGIRI MEDOWS18th Sep 201112.00 PM - 2.30 PM Field Fighters 268 for 1 wicket in 15 Overs
Cool Meadows 105 for 5 wickets in 15 Overs
Man of the Match: John
SJR SPENCER V/S CONCORDE MANHATTAN18th Sep 20113.00 PM - 5.30 PM Spencers 123 for 9 wickets in 15 Overs
Manhattan United 127 for 9 wickets in 15 Overs
Man of the Match: Rakesh
FERNS HABITAT V/S ELCIA24th Sep 20118:AM - 10.30 PMELCIA has won the match
QF-1 - CELEBRITY PARADISE V/S CONCORDE MANHATTAN24th Sep 201111.30 AM - 2:30 PM Manhattans United has won the match
QF-2 - PURVA PANORAMA V/S SPRING FIELD24th Sep 20113.00 PM - 6:00 PM Field Fighthers has won the match
QF-3 - AJMERA INFINITY V/S Concorde Silicon Valley25th Sep 20119:30 AM - 12.30 PM Tsunami Ajmera has won the match
QF-4 - ELCIA V/S SJR Spencer25th Sep 20111:30 PM - 4:30 PM ELCIA E-City Challangers has won the match
SF-1: Ajmera Tsunami V/S Manhattans United01st Oct 20118:30 AM - 10.30 AM Ajmera Tsunami from Ajmera Infinity has won the match and moved to Finals
SF-2: ELCIA - E city Challengers V/S Spring Field Fighters01st Oct 201110:30 AM - 12:30 PM ELCIA E-City Challangers has won the match and moved to Finals
Final Match: Ajmera Tsunami of Ajmera Infinity V/S ELCIA - E city Challengers02nd Oct 201110:00 AM - 12.00 PM

Here's some good news for all Cricket lovers in Bangalore! Announcing an exclusive Cricket Tournament for Organizations and Apartments in Bangalore!

ApnaComplex(http://www.apnacomplex.com), along with, Treamis World School (http://www.treamis.org) is conducting an Inter Apartment / Corporate Cricket Tournament called ApnaComplex - Treamis Premiere League (ATPL). ATPL is being sponsored by ApnaComplex.com (http://www.apnacomplex.com) - the most comprehensive software for Housing Society Management and Accounting.
ApnaComplex presents Treamis Premiere League Cricket Tournament for Apartment Complexes / Layouts / Corporates

Who can participate?

Open to individuals living in Bangalore apartment complexes / layouts and employees of organizations in Bangalore who can participate as a team representing their apartments, layouts or organizations. We are inviting the residents of your community/ apartment/ apartment owners association/ company to participate in the event.

How can you participate?

Register a team from your Apartment/Company

  1. There should be a minimum of 11 members in your team.
  2. The team member's age should be over 25. In extreme cases where the apartment has short few players, we allow players below 25. However, no player can be below 18.
  3. All members of the team should be residents of the same apartment or members of the same association or employees of the same organization.

While we encourage teams to sign up, we also offer individual registration. If an individual signs up, we will place him/her with other individuals that sign up to form a team.

What else is there?

Family members can accompany players for support and cheering up. They will not be bored. There will be games fair for family members.

Last Day of Team Registration

Last date of registering your team is 27th August 2011. We are expecting approximately 12 to 14 teams in this tournament. Teams will be registered on first come first serve basis. So, hurry up! Send your team details along with apartment / layout /company name to the contacts mentioned below.

What is the schedule of this tournament?

Detailed schedule will be published once we close the team registrations!

I have few more questions, whom do I ask?

For more information and to register your teams, contact

Priya Raghavan - priya.r at apnacomplex dot com +91-880886-11229 (Sales & Marketing ApnaComplex) OR
Swati Prabhu - swati.prabhu at treamis dot org +91-99000-34856 (Public Relations - Treamis World School)

So, what are you waiting for? Register NOW and importantly, start practicing!